• Nike_istanbul.jpg

    Helly Hansen

  • Nike_istanbul.jpg

    Nike Turkey

    Photographed in the rough streets of Istanbul for Wieden + Kennedy.  

  • Oakley_Project.jpg


    The Wade Bros shot the new global campaign "One Obsession" for Oakley through Eleven San Fran. They directed the online content and all the print for the global launch.

  • Bacardi_project.jpg


    The Wade Brothers photographed the global above the line campaign for Bacardi with BETC in Panama and Mexico. The images focus on the brand’s famous heritage, and the incredible struggles that the family have overcome to get to where they are today – including fires, exile, prohibition and Cuban revolutionaries!

  • Hotels.com_Project .jpg


    TWB photographed Hannah Davis, Chrissy Teigen, and Nina Agdal for a DirecTV and Sports Illustrated collaboration for Grey NY.

  • Hotels.com_Project.jpg


    TWB worked with Crispin Porter for the new global campaign – ‘The Obvious Choice™’ – light-heartedly brings to life a funny character that has existed in pop culture for  decades.  Through the creative execution, Hotels.com debuts a fictional world traveler and the brand’s new biggest fan, Captain Obvious™.

  • Reebok_Project.jpg


    The Wade Brother's worked in collaboration with M&C Saatchi UK to launch a look for Reebok's new campaign, Reethym of Lite.

  • Gatorade_Project.jpg


    Featuring Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, Abby Wambach, and Ryan Lochte.

  • meet_the_superhumans_Project.jpg


    The Wade Brothers worked with Channel 4 in London to handle all the off air promotion for the 2012 Paralympics. "Forget everything you thought you knew about strength. Forget everything you thought you knew about humans. It's time to do battle. Meet the Superhumans." A battlefield of explosions set the backstory for their injuries.

  • Nashville2_Project .jpg


    The Wade Brothers worked with Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau documenting the biggest stars that call Nashville home. For over 130 years, Nashville has evolved into the world's premier Music City. The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, The Civil Wars, Ben Folds, Eric Church, Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris and Kris Kristofferson are among the more than 30 artists featured in this magnificent campaign.

  • Nike_Project.jpg


    Photographed in Lisbon for Wieden Kennedy

  • Ranching_Project.jpg

    Missouri Ranching

    The Wade Brothers shot this new project whilst on a recent trip to Fallin’ T Ranch, Missouri. The series is a beautifully nostalgic portrayal of a profession that seems straight out of a lost world.

  • Puma_Project.jpg

    Puma Golf

    The Wade Brother’s worked with VML to shoot their next years campaign for Puma Golf. 

  • webbys_project.jpg

    Webby Awards

    The Wade Brother’s worked with Webby's agency Tribal DDB to create all the motion and still photography elements for the global marketing campaign, with the motion piece (about an absurd "fight" between two very unlikely characters) being shown in segments throughout the evening, and the stills being used throughout all print and online promotion for this years' event - an evening that featured a myriad of stars including Jimmy Fallon, Roger Ebert, Ne-Yo, Isabella Rossellini, OK-GO!, Lisa Kudrow and co-inventor of the Internet - Vinton Cerf among many others.

  • Room107_Project.jpg

    Room 107

    A peep through the keyhole at the theater of life. The Wades know natural curiosity and shows us scenes whose span ranges from a moment of silence to one of excess. The stage in each is the same: room 107 of a typical American motel. Wade’s images thrive on their imaginatively over-the-top characters who fill out a very humorous and brilliant panorama of America with their energy. 

    Room 107 packs entire life stories into single images – stories as absurd, salacious, or comical as he likes. It is pure entertainment in Wades world for all of those who have always asked themselves what previous occupants did in the same hotel room. Whether it was the mafia setting the records straight, traveling salesmen reassessing their lives, lonely hearts expelling their last sighs, wedding party’s running riot – The Wades knows and reports it with piercing clarity from the wild side of life on the edge of an American highway.

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